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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are having an amazing summer so far. 
I would like to introduce you guys to this site call "Mallzee." 
 Here, you can built your own "mall", you get shop with friends plus get paid.
As part of Mallzee, you get you choose your favorite stores to
put in your Mall. Then it finds products suited to your tastes to showcase. 
Once you have built your Mallzee, you are then able to invite their friends to shop 
with them, talk about products in chat, 
promote your Mallzee or brand choices on Facebook/Twitter 
and  receive some great discounts for your friends. 
Plus, earn when anyone buys anything from your Mall!
Over 200 amazing stores already signed up.  
For example (Urban Outfitters, New Look, French Connections and more)
This site is going to be available later this year, but if you sign up now you
will  receive an exclusive prelaunch invite to 
Mallzee and be the first to use 
Mallzee once they go live. Plus, be entered into their launch 
competition to win great shopping prizes.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice blog )) I follow you ))

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  2. Thanks for introducing me to this great resource!

  3. going to check it out!