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Healthy Lifestyle: Shape Tea

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Having a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Specially if you have a million
things to do and all the energy goes to family and work. 
When it comes down to exercise sometimes our bodies 
are exhausted to even get up in the mornings
 or continue during the night. 
That's why when I heard about this tea, I decided to give this a try. 
Now, this tea is specifically for boosting your energy during your morning/night 
workout routine. It helps to be more active and give you more 
endurance your workout.

Early morning I get up and heat up hot water to pour it 
into a teaspoon of this tea. I notice some significant change in 
my workout routine.
Before, I would only limit myself to only a few workouts,
now I want to push myself to keep on doing more reps and/or
more cardio.

Here's the link to Shape Tea Website
They have three kind of tea: Active, Cleanse, Relaxing. You can choose 
whatever suits you better :)

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. I've never heard of this but it seems like a great idea!! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  2. great idea! nice blog

  3. thanks for stopping by!! do you want to follow each other? im following you now on bloglovin = =)

  4. Haha your mug and tea leaf strainer are amazing!