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Hi everyone!
With Summer approaching, I'm slowly transitioning into summer clothes. 
Even though I love wearing all black all year round, I love when I wear bright
and beautiful colors in the Summer.

I had this tank for quite sometime now, and I just like how effortless it looks and
how you can pair it with a denim jacket, leather jacket, or some colorful blazer like this
Plus, sometimes I feel like we are force to wear accessories, sometime I don't feel
like wearing anything on me, I feel more myself when I just stop by any street and photograph 
the outfit without even thinking....

Guns and Roses Tank
Ikat Blazer | Option 1 
Mavi Skinny Jeans
Juicy Couture Necklace
Local Boutique Pumps
Cheap Monday Sunglasses

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Linasstyle

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