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Tuesday, June 16, 2015
With Summer approaching we want to show off our skin more than ever. Right?
We don't want dead looking skin or dry skin whatsoever, with that being said, the 
first thing you can do to your skin is to exfoliate and moisturize.

Adovia is there to help battle the unwanted dead skin and dry skin!
It's a scrub as well as a moisturizer.  It's made with real dead sea salt and 21 minerals
essential to proper skin function.
Once you tried this you are going to be hook on it!
Why? Because most exfoliators or scrubs rarely come with essentials oils.
Adovia is different because it smells so rich and beautiful and the oil mixed with 
the scrub makes a gentle scrub. Making your skin glow from within.
Also if you are one of the many beautiful women (including) myself, who loves to use
tanning products during the summer, you know the first thing to do is to exfoliate. Well
this is just perfect and you can keep it inside the shower. 
You can learn more about Adovia here!
Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoy!
xoxo Linasstyle
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