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Pre-Fall Edition

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Hello! With Summer about to end, we enter this vibe of dark skies, vampy lips, and Fall 
dresses and dark tone clothes. I LOVE Fall, its one if not the one favorite
seasons. I was born during the Fall season, probably that's why.
This dress has the perfect length for me because I'm not that tall, the platform give the
illusion of slim legs, which I love.

Right now if you have not try dainty jewelry, give it a try. Specially layering them.
When you have a V-neck shirt its always a good idea to wear long thin necklaces,
trust me it makes a big difference.

Embroidered Dress
Black Crossbody Bag | Similar Similar, similar
Aldo Platform | Similar, Similar
Layered Necklaces

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Linasstyles

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