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3 Summer Date Night Outfits | Trendy Pieces

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello everyone!
Today we are covering 3 staple Summer trendy items.
Here are three Summer Date Night outfits that you can customize to your liking. Remember, all these outfits are for inspiration and you can add or take away whatever you please.

For outfit #1:
I added the Summer staple piece, which is a long floral dress. You can never go wrong with a long floral dress with a slit on the side, low v-neck cut, long sleeve or sleeveless.

Local Boutique Dress
Similar here:
& Here:
Forever21 Necklace:

For outfit #2, I added that trendy piece which is off-the-shoulder top or in this case the "cold shoulder" top which comes in a vibrant color, perfect for Summer Nights.

G Stage Top:
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Forever outfit #3 I chose to make my shoes a statement. These shoes are very stylish and the color just screams Summer to me. Wear a statement piece, like a necklace, handbag, clutch, or shoes and let your outfit speak by itself.

Forever21 Off-the-shoulder top:
G Stage Vest:
Fashion Nova Jeans:
Forever 21 Choker:
Just Fab Heels:

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Thanks so much for watching!!

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